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Windsock Films has a nearly 30 year history as a boutique film & television production company specializing in non-fiction storytelling. We have produced and shot scores of compelling projects ranging across diverse genres involving broadcast, cable, documentary, sports, reality, travel, live event, direct response, corporate, humanitarian and inspirational.

As a film group, our expertise is in both domestic and international production, with unique talents and abilities that have taken our professional team of producers, directors, writers, editors and crew to 130+ countries and 6 continents – from Dakar to Diyarbakir. We shoot pretty well in Denver too.

Our company originated in 1981 as ForrestFilm. For 20 years – from 1986 to 2006 – we were known as Verité Productions, until we discovered other Verité‘s worldwide as well.

Today, we have rebranded our media endeavour as Windsock Films, with a logo symbolizing windspeed, strength and direction. A windsock guides pilots while landing and taking-off. Our film group is here to help guide and direct your media projects so they will soar!

Whether producing across the street or on the backside of the world, our forté as a service-based production company is to provide our clients with exceptional content, consulting and creativity.

Craig Forrest

Windsock Films is led by award-winning producer-director-writer, Craig Forrest.


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