Commando Tactics for Digital Filmmakers

Commando Tactics for Digital Filmmakers

Craig Forrest’s new book Commando Tactics for Digital Filmmakers is packed with valuable insights for aspiring fillmakers to help make their next documentary, video shoot or short film truly successful.

The award-winning author’s keen insights are drawn from a notable 30+ year television & documentary career that has seen Craig produce, direct and shoot for major networks, cable channels, ad agencies, corporations, humanitarian groups and inspirational organizations.

Each chapter also features sage observations from a host of leading producers, directors and crew members on topics such as storytelling, directing, planning, shooting, teamwork and taboos.

Commando Tactics combines wit, wisdom, practical anecdotes and insider advice for digital filmmakers at any stage of their education, abilities, craft and career.

Quotable excerpts include:

“Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick two.”
“Where is the light?”
“Every camera move should have a reason behind it.”
“Time is either your best friend…or your worst enemy.”
“If you tell a compelling story, they will watch.”
“Facts go right to the head, but emotions go straight to the heart.”
“Telling a good story well is the immovable pillar of non-fiction.”
“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
“The best questions usually come from the previous answer.”
“Adapt. Overcome. Improvise.”
“No matter the size of your shoot, create a budget.”
“Who put lipstick on the Venus de Milo?”

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