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Leading topics on visual and sonic presentation, successful production techniques, current media trends and cultural relevance in a digital age.

Craig has become a frequent guest speaker at numerous television workshops, most recently at the Biola & Ignite Media Conferences held in California, and the Latin American COICOM conferences held in Columbia & Argentina. He often speaks to university film & TV departments regarding media trends, production challenges, story development, broadcast dynamics and film genres.
His speciality is in international/global on-location filmmaking. His seminars, Commando Tactics for Successful Production and Shooting Your Short Film Overseas, have become popular topics for young filmmakers armed with lightweight digital cameras, an Apple laptop + Final Cut Pro to edit their footage, a box of cassettes and a cheap plane ticket to a faraway, exotic location.

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Our media training division – Windsock Academy – has been recently formed to inspire and inform digital filmmakers in effective methods to create, shoot and edit professionally produced stories, short films and segments.

We are currently planning and scheduling hands-on 1, 2, 3 and 4-day workshops, seminars and bootcamps, both for individuals, departments and groups.

With a roster of savvy producers, directors, writers, lighting/sound artists, editors and crew, Windsock Academy is also available to tailor a training seminar specifically designed for your production team on-site.


The anticipated results are a rise in production values, increased program quality and clarity, plus a new confidence in your creative and technical team’s skill set.

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Commando Tactics for Digital Filmmakers

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Commando Tactics for
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Commando Tactics for Digital Filmmakers is packed with valuable insights for aspiring filmmakers to help make their films truly successful.

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